“The Croatian national football team traveled to Russia today for the coming World Cup.

The team first flew to St. Petersburg after which they headed for their base in Russia located in Iličevo some 60 kilometres away. The team left Zagreb with great expectations.

‘We know how long and with how much hope the entire Croatian nation has been waiting for this World Cup. We played four friendlies. Against Brazil we showed that we can play with the best team in the world. We beat a strong Senegal in spite of the fact that we didn’t put in the best performance. So, there is plenty of reason for optimism, at least on my part. We have the right to hope for good things and a strong showing in Russia. I think we have a very high quality team, but that we will also need a small dose of luck. However, luck must be earned, we need to be brave, especially on my end. I am completely calm, full of self-confidence, full of faith in our team and I only expect good things,’ said Coach Zlatko Dalić.” (Voice of Croatia)