“The first 14 Slovenian fines for violating the border were given to Savudrija fisherman Diego Makovac and his wife, Croatian commercial television Nova TV reported today. According to their website, the Makovac’s received seven Slovenian fines for 500 euros ($617.61), which means that they will have to pay a total of seven thousand euros ($8,646.45) in fines. Croatia sent the first eleven penalties to Slovene fishermen.

Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec said in a press conference in Ljubljana that the foreign ministry received a diplomatic note over the weekend from Zagreb. ‘We understand it primarily as a media spin that is more dedicated to the Croatian than to the Slovenian public. It is absurd for Croatia to send diplomatic notes to Slovenia to fish in the Slovenian sea. The border is not in the middle of the Piran Bay, as Croatia continues to persist. no legal basis, the matter is absurd,’ Erjavec pointed out.” (translated from Sio1)