“BiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) Presidency Member Dragan Čović ended his eight-month presidency as the head of the country’s collective presidency, and shared information on Twitter with a summary of some facts presented in numbers.

Čović points out that during eight months he participated (with or without Izetbegovic and Ivanic) in five key events, including the UN General Assembly in 2017, a visit to the Vatican in 2018, and the submission of a response to the European Commission Questionnaire.

He left the BiH border on official trips on 39 occasions.

It recalls 39 meetings with representatives of the European Union, 119 meetings with diplomats from foreign countries. He conducted 72 visits within BiH and 507 meetings with citizens. Forty-one encounters were religious.

Regarding the Presidency of BiH, 9 regular and 30 extraordinary sessions were held with 402 conclusions.” (translated from Klix)