“Racist hate speech in public discourse against ethnic Serbs and Roma, and members of the LGBT community, is escalating in Croatia, human rights watchdog Council of Europe warned in a report released on Tuesday by its European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI).

The report, which examines the country’s legislation framework, racist and homo/transphobic hate speech, violence and integration policies, warns of a rise in nationalism, particularly among youths, which often takes the form of praising the World War II-era fascist Ustasha regime.

‘Racist and intolerant hate speech in public discourse is escalating; the main targets are Serbs, LGBT persons and Roma. There is a growing rise of nationalism, particularly among the youth, which primarily takes the form of praising the fascist Ustaša regime. In the regional media and on the Internet, expressions of racism and xenophobia against Serbs, LGBT persons and refugees are commonplace, as is abusive language when referring to Roma. Physical attacks against these groups as well as their property also occur,'” report said.” (N1)