“The former Croatian football club boss Zdravko Mamic, who came to Bosnia a day before he was sentenced for financial crimes by a Croatian court, told N1 that he would not return to Croatia, even if it was a matter of life and death.

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Interpol office has on Wednesday received the Croatian request for Mamic’s arrest.

Mamic, his brother Zoran, former Dinamo director Damir Vrbanovic and tax official Milan Pernar have been found guilty of siphoning about 116 million kuna (€15.7 million) from Dinamo and defrauding the state budget of about 12.2 million kuna (€1.6 million) in unpaid taxes and surtaxes.

Mamic was sentenced to six and a half years in prison, his brother Zoran to four years and 11 months, Pernar to four years and two months, and Vrbanovic to three years.

The former Dinamo club boss is currently located in the Bosnian town of Medjugorje, as he has dual citizenship. According to its Constitution, Bosnia and Herzegovina does not extradite its citizens.

Mamic denied all charges against him and told N1 that he had paid €780,000 into Croatia’s state budget. He called the case a ‘setup.’ The case would fall flat at the European Court of Human Rights, he said.

‘I haven’t been hiding since the first minute of my stay in Medjugorje. I publicly said I was here,’ Mamic said, saying he was available to Bosnian media since the ruling was handed down.” (N1)