“This year there will also be no unique commemoration in memory of the victims of the Jasenovac detention camp, as it was not for the previous two years, confirmed the president of the Federation of Anti-Fascist Fighters and antifascists Republic of Croatia Franjo Habulin, and the question of how much commemoration will be held remains open

The deep division of our society is especially pronounced every year before the commemoration in Jasenovac. Namely, for a few years, with the official commemoration organized by the state summit, at least one more, and often more, is held.

Conditions for maintaining a unique recollection column for the victims of Ustasha crimes were not won even this year, Franjo Habulin, the president of the alliance of anti-fascist fighters and antifascists of the Republic of Croatia, confirmed.

‘Yesterday, in our Executive Committee, we analyzed what has changed to the present in relation to last year and we came to the conclusion that nothing has changed. It’s still worse. If the government accepts the Council’s recommendations for dealing with the consequences of the rule of non-democratic regimes, it will only bring new problems, new polemics, new conflicts and disputes will open up in society,’ Habulin told us.” (translated from tportal)