“Pristina-based newspaper Zeri reported that the Management Team submitted the draft Statute for the Association of Serb municipalities to the Government of Kosovo, which is ‘contrary to the laws of Kosovo and the recommendations of the Constitutional Court.’ ‘Government officials have confirmed for Zeri that the delivery of such a draft, which they say cannot be accepted,’ Zeri reported. The Management Team denied, however, that the draft statute has been submitted.

The Management team drafted a politically incorrect draft statute, which could never be applied in Kosovo, when it is known that the statute of the Association of Municipalities with a Serb majority must be sent to the Constitutional Court for an assessment of constitutionality. The Management Team submitted political demands that exceeded its constitutional and legal mandate, Zeri cited an answer from the the Office of the Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj.

Zeri reminded also that the key document for the formation of the Association should be finished early next month, stating that „due to legal violations of the Management Team that will not happen“.

The Management Team in charge of drafting the statute is claiming the opposite:

‘The draft statute has not been, as some media reported, submitted to the Government in Pristina, to which only a report on our previous work has been forwarded and which, through the competent Ministry of Local Government Administration, was regularly updated about the dynamics of our activities.'” (KosSev)