“Preparations for the June general election are in full swing with established parties unveiling their platforms and new parties emerging from every corner. Newcomers’ fortunes will be decided in the final weeks or even days before the election, according to pundit Andraž Zorko.

Zorko, who works for pollster Valicon, said that the number of parties to contest the election will not be extraordinary of itself.

However, new parties get more attention ever since the so called fresh faces started winning elections in 2011.

Several MPs also left established parties this term to pursue their own goals and form parties, including Bojan Dobovšek, Andrej Čuš and Janko Veber.

Former Democrat (SDS) MP Čuš will be vying for the leadership of the Greens of Slovenia on Tuesday, intending to take the party to the election under the name Andrej Čuš and the Greens of Slovenia.

Veber, formerly of the coalition Social Democrats (SD), announced his party Unity would hold the founding congress in the first week of April.

The civil initiative Taxpayers Standing Our Ground, which gained prominence as the initiator of a referendum on the Divača-Koper rail upgrade, will transform into a party with former European Court for Human Rights judge Boštjan M. Zupančič running for president. They plan to give more details on Friday.” (Slovenia Times)