“Serbia is a destination that tends to escape the attention of many travelers.

Those who’ve ventured over to the southeastern European country might have discovered the legendary nightlife of the capital, Belgrade, while others will have joined the party at the Exit Festival in Novi Sad.
Then there’s the raucous madness that descends every August on the small town of Guča, whose trumpet festival has gained a reputation as one of the most riotous events in Europe.
That’s only a fraction of the story.
Serbia’s landscapes range from the endless plains of Vojvodina in the north — the country’s breadbasket and wine cellar — to the dramatic mountains and gorges of the national parks in the south, west and east of this former Yugoslav republic.
The legacies left by former rulers the Habsburgs and the Ottoman Turks can be found in everything from architecture to the cuisine, where East really does meet West.” (CNN)