Chairman of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Dragan Covic, who represents ethnic Croatians, had a working meeting with the ministers from the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton today. They mainly discussed European integration, setting goals for next year, and the financial budget for next year.Covic stated, “There was some talk primarily about the conditions in which working Government, on the setting goals and their achievements in this mandate, the priorities in the work, difficulties, and what is yet to come in the future.”

He continued on about Republika Srpska declaring military neutrality yesterday, “The entire public knows that there is a plan, and political actions that are part of the strategy or tactics of a political option. As much as we stay silent, it takes place as it happens. My goal is that we will get a map (to integration) in and we will get it. Everyone has the right to say something about NATO, you see in Montenegro, it was 51-49 after the vote, and they are in NATO, regardless of the 49 percent.” (translated from Klix)