Slovenia Anticipates 16,500 New Jobs in 2018Blaž Samec/Delo

Slovenia Anticipates 16,500 New Jobs in 2018

“Employers in Slovenia expect to create 16,500 jobs, or expand their workforce by 2.6%, during the first half of 2018, according to data from the Employment Service of Slovenia. Demand is expected to come mainly from jobs in manufacturing, as well as truck drivers, welders, warehouse employees and […]

US Embassy Backs Digital Diplomacy in BledPhoto: US Embassy Ljubljana

US Embassy Backs Digital Diplomacy in Bled

The United States Embassy in Ljubljana, Slovenia has teamed up with the Center for European Perspective and the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a three day gathering of digital diplomacy. A US Embassy Ljubljana statement reads, “Over 70 participants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, […]

Instead of London Calling, Ljubljana?

Instead of London Calling, Ljubljana?

“Investors exploring new markets in Central Europe in the lead-up to the UK’s exit from the European Union are looking to Slovenia. The rationale was presented at a conference in London on Friday 1 December organised by the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) in cooperation with the Council of British Chamber […]

Still No Deal Between NLB and European Commission

Still No Deal Between NLB and European Commission

“The fourth meeting between the (Slovene) Minister of Finance Mateja Vranicar Erman and European Commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager did not yield a definitive solution for NLB. ‘Today we discussed the problem that the Commission has pointed out, which is to improve the management of the bank. We proposed that the commitment to […]

Slovenia Opens New University

Slovenia Opens New University

“Slovenia got its sixth university on Tuesday, as a private higher education center in Novo Mesto featuring four faculties was transformed into a university. The new university was accredited by the state for a five-year period. The new university consists of the Faculty of Business, Management and Informatics, […]

Slovenija 03.12.10, SLOVENIJA , LJUBLJANA , 17.12.1999, 17. DECEMBER 1999
PO28F/06546/15Photo: Sarajevo Times

US Embassy and Slovenia Research Agency Team Up to Teach Science

“The Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS) and the US Embassy in Ljubljana hosted a three-day event aimed at popularising science through media. The first Science Communication Days concluded on Wednesday with a workshop on the skills journalists need to properly report on scientific achievements. A special guest of the […]

Tillerson Talks Balkans: “Bloodlines should no longer be battle lines”Photo:

Tillerson Talks Balkans: “Bloodlines should no longer be battle lines”

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spoke about the Balkans in his address on Tuesday at the Wilson Center. He spoke about US support for Croatia’s Krk Island Project, and further spoke about continued US support to the Balkans. “The United States recognizes the fragility of the Balkans and […]

Slovenia’s Last Chance for NLB Deal with EU

Slovenia’s Last Chance for NLB Deal with EU

“Finance Minister Mateja Vranicar Erman has said tomorrow is probably one of the last, or even the last chance, to negotiate the postponement or suspension of the sale of NLB with Brussels. Slovenia should now work to propose a set up independent trustee (blind trustee), most likely private management […]

Cerar Praises Chinese CooperationPhoto:

Cerar Praises Chinese Cooperation

“Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar Monday spoke highly of the cooperation between China and 16 Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC), also known as the 16+1 cooperation, according to the Slovenian Press Agency. As part of the 16+1 cooperation, Slovenia signed a cooperation agreement with China within the […]