Panoramic scenes of the Pester plateau, karst region in southwestern Serbia. It situated in the area of Raska. The most part of Pešter is located in the municipality of Sjenica. The relief of Pester Plateau is characterized by low, hilly terrain, streams

Day Two: Erdoğan Calls Novi Pazar His Homeland

Serbian President Aleskandar Vučić accompanied his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to the southern Serbian city of Novi Pazar today. The city was decked out in Turkish and Serbian flags as well as banners reading “Vučić-Erdoğan.” Erdoğan, enthused to be in the muslim majority city, stated, “Novi Pazar is […]

Obtaining a Visa Liberalized Passport Not an Option for Kosovars

Obtaining a Visa Liberalized Passport Not an Option for Kosovars

Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi met with his Albanian counterpart, Ilir Meta, today to discuss visa liberalization and passports. They released a joint statement today in which Thaçi urged Meta to grant Kosovar Albanians citizenship of the Republic of Albania. Albania has had visa free travel to the EU since 2010. […]

Serbian, Montenegrin Foreign Ministers Aim for Europe!

Serbian, Montenegrin Foreign Ministers Aim for Europe!

Former Ambassador to the US, and current Montenegrin Foreign Minister Dr. Srdjan Darmanović met with his Serbian counterpart, Ivica Dačić, in Belgrade today to discuss regional stability and the goal integration of the Western Balkans into the European Union. They spoke about regional interests including their “historical, geographical, cultural, and […]

Day One: Erdoğan Talks Trade in Serbia

Day One: Erdoğan Talks Trade in Serbia

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met today with his Serbian counterpart, Aleksandar Vučić, to discuss trade agreements and Turkey’s influence in the region. The current trade exchange between the two countries is $800 million, which Erdoğan noted “is not enough.” The two countries have shared a tumultuous history – the Ottoman Empire […]

US Congressman Ted Poe in Serbia

Photo Courtesy of Tanjug Texas Congressman Ted Poe met today with Serbian President Ana Brnabić to discuss economic and political reforms for Serbia, its path to the European Union, and regional stability. Poe, a co-chair for the Serbian Caucus, continued his trip in Belgrade and met with Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ivica […]

US Congressmen Offer Support to Serbia

Serbian Caucus Congressmen, Emmanuel Cleaver and Ted Poe, sent a letter to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling for continue support of the Balkans, particularly Serbia. The letter emphasized the need for normalization of relations between Serbia and Kosovo, while praising Serbia for its efforts during the migrant crisis and […]

US and Russian Envoys to Meet in Belgrade

US Diplomat Kurt Volker, Special Envoy for Ukraine negotiations, and Vladislav Surkov, aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to meet in Belgrade on Saturday, October 7th. Their focus will be to jumpstart negotiations on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and implementation of the Minsk Agreements. Belgrade is seen as […]

Russian MiGs Arrive in SerbiaAl-Jazeera Balkans

Russian MiGs Arrive in Serbia

Russia has delivered all six of the MiG-29s to Serbia after a meeting between then Prime Minister, and current President, Aleksandar Vučić and Russian President Vladimir Putin in March 2017. The MiGs are a gift from Russia to Serbia, but the modernization will still cost Serbia around $210.7 million. Russia […]