Macedonia Marks Uprising Day Against Fascism

Macedonia Marks Uprising Day Against Fascism

Macedonia celebrates the 76th anniversary of the Uprising of the Macedonian people against fascism. The uprising originated in central Macedonian town of Prilep and Kumanovo, a mere 9 miles from the Serbian border. The public holiday is marked by ceremonies across Macedonia where politicians, and citizens alike, lay […]

Zaev Vigorously Campaigns in Advance of Local Elections

Newly Elected Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev returns to the campaign trail in advance of the October 15th local elections. On rally stages, he is predicting Macedonia will soon be the 30th member of NATO. He is also drawing applause boasting about selling off Mercedes bought by […]

Sweden, Finland Want to See Macedonia in the EU

Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Dimitrov, met with his Swedish and Finnish counterparts, Margot Wallström and Timo Soini. The Nordic team travelled together from their respective countries and reaffirmed that the Western Balkans future lies in the EU. Macedonia hopes to start EU accession talks in 2018, which also […]

Election Campaign Continues in FYROM Amid Accusations and Promises

The election campaign for the October 15 local government polls is already into its first week now, while political parties continue their rallies with supporters. For the first time in these elections, Macedonian party SDSM and Albanian party BDI are running with joint candidates in several areas. (BalkanEU)