Croatia, BiH’s Serb Entity Reach Gas AgreementBigStock

Croatia, BiH’s Serb Entity Reach Gas Agreement

“Croatia and Bosnia’s Serb Republic signed on Tuesday a cooperation agreement, under which Bosnia’s Brod oil refinery will be connected to Croatia’s gas transport system, the Croatian Energy Ministry said. The agreement aims to improve the air quality in Croatia’s eastern municipality of Slavonski Brod and reduce health […]

Todoric Claims Government Caused ProblemPhoto: N1

Todoric Claims Government Caused Problem

“Ivica Todoric posted a new blog on Tuesday evening in a publicly address. He reiterated his claims against Prime Minister Plenkovic and claimed that, ‘at the beginning of 2017 Agrokor didn’t have any problems, but the state (Croatia) has caused tremendous damage.’” Read the full blog post on Dnevenik.

Agrokor Plan to 2020Photo: N1

Agrokor Plan to 2020

“The amount of total claims against Agrokor is about 58 billion kuna ($8.97 billion) and was revealed this evening by the government liaison Ante Ramljak . The plan for Agrokor included the approved the sale of Ivica Todoric’s villa by Villa Castello for 8.1 million euros ($1.25 million). […]

Plenkovic Wants Croatia on the Euro

Plenkovic Wants Croatia on the Euro

“Croatian political elite have officially declared that they will do everything for the euro to become the official currency in Croatia. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic launched a public debate on the euro with the Governor of the Cengral Bank Boris Vujic in a packed hall in front of […]

Agrokor: Who Will Catch Ivica Todoric?Pixell/

Agrokor: Who Will Catch Ivica Todoric?

“Todoric will now be sought by police forces in 186 countries. According to unofficial information, an international arrest warrant has been issued against Ivica Todoric, although his photograph has still not been put up on Interpol’s webpage, reports on October 25, 2017. The arrest warrant will be […]

Croatia-Russian Relations Sour QuicklyThe Dubrovnik Times

Croatia-Russian Relations Sour Quickly

“Croatian officials in contact with Russian counterparts had never asked the questions, nor stood any objections to us in relations to the alleged anti-EU and anti-Croat propaganda, or any other information activities that could be harmful for Croatian interests, a source from the Russian Embassy in Zagreb has […]

Putin Playing Peacemaker Through OilThe Dubrovnik Times

Putin Playing Peacemaker Through Oil

“Croatia and Russia have agreed to build the oil refinery in Brod, Bosnia and Herzegovina connected to the gas-transport system of the Republic of Croatia. The agreed plan with the Russians was confirmed by the entity President Milorad Dodik (of Republika Srpska in BiH). The chairman of the Council […]

Incoming: Chinese Tourists Flocking to Croatia

Incoming: Chinese Tourists Flocking to Croatia

Several Chinese tour operators have concluded a visit to Croatia. Local tourist boards of Zagreb, Istria and Split in partnership with the Croatian National Tourism Board (HTZ) rolled out the red carpet as China has the largest number of international tourists and, on average, each visitor spends over […]

Who’s Trying to Become Bosnian?Sanjin Djumisic

Who’s Trying to Become Bosnian?

BiH has granted citizenship or given consent for granting citizenship to 428 people from 26 countries in the last seven years. Most permits were issued to people from Croatia – 171 in total, while 42 people from Arab countries were granted citizenship. Most people who apply for BiH […]