“This year marks the 115th anniversary of the first modern day Macedonian state, heroically established in 1903 in Krusevo. However, Macedonia’s future is in serious jeopardy, due to the remarkable shortsightedness of its government, as well as the escalating belligerence of Greece.

In response, over this past weekend more than 100,000 people gathered peacefully in 16 cities around the world, including in Skopje, Macedonia. They assembled under the banner ‘#WeAreMacedonia – Enough is Enough’ and sought unconditional international recognition and use of Macedonia’s rightful name, the Republic of Macedonia. They also articulated the following clear message: Macedonians want to become members of NATO (and perhaps the EU), but not at the cost of Macedonia’s name, Macedonian identity or the Macedonian language. Accordingly, Macedonia must immediately withdraw from the UN-led ‘name negotiations’ with Greece.” (Daily Caller)