“Serbia is regaining its reputation as a protector of war criminals, the family of three Kosovo Albanian US citizens killed after being taken from a Serbian jail said on Monday.

‘Serbia has consistently protected the war criminals who killed our families and thousands of other civilians. The government and its prosecutors have done nothing. President Vucic has made brave promises only to stand up in defence of the person he told us was resposible for the killing of the three Bytyqi brothers,’ the Bytyqi family said in a statement.

The statement was released on the 19th anniversary of the killing of brothers Ylli, Mehmet and Agron Bytyqi whose bodies were found in a mass grave within the training grounds of a Serbian police unit. The brothers were arrested for illegally crossing into Serbia, sentenced to jail and taken from their cells and executed. They had been in Kosovo during the war as members of the Kosovo Liberation Army’s Atlantic Brigade which was formed by Albanians living in the US.” (N1)