“The Nazis who were here made inhuman things with living human beings. Of course, we are very sorry, and we are here today, because everyone who was sent to burn in the camps should not be forgotten, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov stressed at the commemoration in memory of the deported Macedonian Jews 75 years ago.

‘We are here today to show respect and grief to the dead, but also to draw conclusions and realize that we need to build on the Balkans, work together, go for better regulation, and the nations live happily, and all that remains in history,’ said Borisov.

He reminded everyone that only 20 years ago in the Balkans there were no less crude and bloody events. He urged victims not to be forgotten, and politicians must not allow them to make such mistakes again.

‘If, God forbid, we again allow similar events, then we are stupid. And we, the current politicians, have a responsibility. We have not forgotten them, their glory, and that’s why we came together with the Macedonian people to regret those who failed to get out alive from the Nazi machine, ‘said Borisov.” (Novo Makedonija)