“For scholars, there’s no substitute for original source material. Thanks to a grant from the Fulbright Scholar Program, Professor John Enyeart will soon have access to the archives of the National and University Library of Slovenia, where he’ll pursue research while teaching during the 2018-19 academic year.

Beginning in October, the history professor will lecture at the University of Ljubliana, where his teaching will focus on immigration and migration in the United States as well as Slovenian influences abroad. While there, he will also finalize the manuscript for his upcoming book Death to Fascism: Louis Adamic’s Fight for Democracy in the Age of Anticommunism. The biography explores the lasting influence of Adamic, an anti-Fascist Slovenian immigrant and popular author whose vision of ethnic and racial equality, workers’ rights and anti-imperialism changed the way Americans understood democracy, according to Enyeart.” (Bucknell)