“Serbia’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabic addressed the gathering in the US Congress on Wednesday marking the centennial of Serbia’s flag flying above the White House, saying that ‘this memorable event from July 28th of 1918 honoured Serbia’s ultimate sacrifice in The Great War.’

‘Today, we remember a unique event, when a hundred years ago Serbian flag flew above the White House – the privilege given only twice in the history of the United States – to Serbia, and France, “ Brnabic told the gathering.

She added that “today’s world is not the same as the world one hundred years ago, but we still face profound challenges – challenges that I think we should address together, hand in hand, as we did before.”

‘I stand here today, to thank you on behalf of Serbia, deeply grateful for that support, and empathy of your brave leaders, a hundred years ago,’ Prime Minister said.

She added that, as so many times in the past, Serbia then defended freedom and liberty so deeply loved, cherished and protected by both Serbia’s and America’s nations.

Brnabic said that ‘in the Great War, from 1914 to 1918, Serbia lost more than a quarter of its population. Our entire army, government and a significant part of the population had to withdraw from our homeland in 1915, and go to Corfu.’

She reminded the gathering of Milenko Vesnic, “a Serbian diplomat and statesman, who had an opportunity to address both Senate and the House of Representatives here in Washington in 1918, on the same day when President Wilson proclaimed his Programme for the world’s peace.”

‘We (Serbia) believe in peace, but we equally believe in justice and freedom,’ Brnabic quoted Vesnic as saying back then.” (translated from N1)