“British Ambassador to Kosovo, Ruairi O’Connell, says the return of former Kacanik mayor, Xhabir Zharku as a free man to Kosovo, is shameful. Zharku was sentenced to three years in prison for extortion and the illegal possession of weapon, but he escaped from Kosovo evading justice.

O’Connell says that Zharku’s return to Kosovo as a free man is shameful. ‘But the real shame is that in the six years since he was allowed to escape justice, nothing has been done to stop other criminal politicians doing the same thing. I see no reason for a legal provision which allows criminals to flee the country and live abroad instead of serving their sentence in jail. I hope that the Government’s Justice reforms will close this loophole, and so give support to those police and prosecutors who are serious about fighting organised crime,’ O’Connell said in a Facebook post. He said that the UK needs Kosovo to be a serious partner in the fight against corruption and organised crime.” (Gazeta Express)