“A Bosnian Serb suspected of participating in the massacre of sixty Bosnian Muslim civilians in 1992, was arrested on Monday, June 18, near Paris, by the gendarmes of the Central Office for the Fight Against Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide and War Crimes.

Radomir Susnjar is accused by Bosnian justice of having participated, along with other Serbian soldiers or paramilitaries, in the massacre of 59 Muslim civilians in Visegrad, eastern Bosnia, on 14 June 1992.

Following an arrest warrant issued by the authorities in Sarajevo, the sexagenarian, who lives in the Paris region, was arrested for the first time in April 2014 in Seine-et-Marne, but appealed his extradition and had been placed under judicial control.

This appeal was rejected in 2016 by the investigating chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal, which led him to appeal to the Court of Cassation. Among the arguments put forward by Susnjar’s defence team was that he was the victim of mistaken identity, having been confused with a another man called ‘Milan Susnjar.'” (EU-OCS)