“Herzeg-Bosnia had contributed to the integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it was integrated into the country’s fundaments, Croat representative, Bozo Ljubic, said on Tuesday at a ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of this self-declared Bosnian Croat political structure.

Ljubic, who is the Chairman of the Main Council of the Croat People’s Assembly (HNS BiH) – an umbrella organisation of Croat political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina – and representative of Bosnian Croats in Croatia’s Parliament, said this date should be marked as important to everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

‘Most of the Croat territories were defended, Croats stayed. It is important to all those who respect Croats as their neighbours and a constituent people. The future of how to make Bosnia and Herzegovina functional lies ahead of us,’ Ljubic told the media in the southern town of Grude, where the celebration officially started by laying of wreaths at the Herzeg-Bosnia President Mate Boban’s grave.” (N1)