“Bosnia’s top court has scrapped court fines issued to rape victims and other survivors of the Bosnian 1990s war after they had reparation claims rejected, in a decision praised by rights lawyers and a victims association on Tuesday.

Thousands of war survivors including victims of sexual violence, mainly Muslim Bosniaks, have been hit by hefty fines after their claims were rejected by courts in the autonomous Serb region of post-war Bosnia.

Most of those fined are jobless, in poor health since the war, and unable to pay the fees. Those who cannot face seizure of their property or part of their monthly income, if they have any.

The Constitutional Court last month endorsed an appeal by a rape victim against rulings by two courts in the Serb Republic ordering her to pay 3,000 Bosnian marka ($1,890) plus interest in court fees, saying the rulings violated her right to a fair trial and her property rights.” (US World News & Report)