“The Bosniak-American National Association (BANA) strongly condemns the terrorist bomb attack on the family house of journalist Sead Sadikovic, which occurred in Bijelo Polje (Montenegro), on Sunday evening on April 1, according to a statement from the association that is located in New York.

‘Throwing bombs at the house of famous journalist Sadikovic is the best proof of the conditions in which journalists are working. At the same time, this attack speaks about the kind of criminal society and fear of citizens living in Montenegro, because this is only one of a series of bombings, armed attacks, and murders of citizens, have been lately committed in cities throughout Montenegro, while many have not yet been clarified, which is the defeat of the rule of law. We demand from the competent institutions to investigate, in an urgent procedure, those responsible for the bombing attack on Sadikovic’s house and punish them according to the law, otherwise we will to consider that the government is organizing bomb attacks on journalists and citizens, especially when the presidential election campaign is in progress, so that nothing is said about the war past of the lifelong prime minister,’ the statement said.” (translated from Vijesti)