“The Sarajevo Canton Government held an urgent session Saturday morning, declaring October 29 the mourning day on the canton’s territory, following the death of two police officers in Bosnia’s capital city.

The session was scheduled a day after the car theft and shooting in Sarajevo’s Alipasino neighbourhood which resulted in the death of two police officers. Representatives of Sarajevo’s Novi Grad municipality, where the shooting took place, as well as the families of the murdered policemen also attended the session.

The state of security in the Sarajevo Canton has been raised to the highest level and all available human and technical resources have been put at disposal in the ongoing investigation into the incident, the Sarajevo Canton Police Commissioner Mevludin Halilovic said during the session.” (N1)

“Migrants camping on Bosnia’s border with European Union member Croatia say they are launching a hunger strike.

Several dozen migrants have stayed out in the open for days insisting that Croatia let them in. They have clashed with police while trying to push their way through.

Some of the migrants on Saturday covered their mouth and eyes with tapes in protest. Others could be seen walking among small tents or sitting on the road.” (ABC News)

“A team of Balkan chefs cooked up what they said was a world record number of a pancakes on October 26 — 14,186 of the confectionery treats were made during an eight-hour marathon at Sarajevo’s tourist fair.

Using 300 liters of oil, 600 kilograms of flour and 400 liters of milk, 140 cooks from Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Slovenia performed the culinary feat in an improvised open-air kitchen under autumn sunshine as 15 judges looked on.” (RFERL)