“Several thousand citizens gathered in Sarajevo on Saturday evening to express support to the parents of Dzenan Memic, a young man who, according to the parents, was murdered

The Sarajevo Cantonal Court recently released Ljubo and Bekrija Seferovic, the persons accused of causing and concealing a traffic accident in which, according to the Prosecutor’s Office of Sarajevo Canton, the 21-year-old man was mortally injured.

The Memic family claimed, for the past two years, that their son was murdered, that he was not killed in a car accident, which is why they requested that the investigation is taken over by the state-level institutions.

Muriz Memic, the father, said during the gathering he would persist until the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina takes over this case and until the light is shed on the death of his son.

Memic directly accused Sarajevo Canton prosecutor Dalida Burzic of concealing the truth, saying that she took a significant amount of money in return for that.

‘I have been begging her for two and a half years to tell me the truth. She knew it the first day. She said on March 15 that Dzenan was murdered,’ added Memic.” (N1)

“The Republika Srpska (RS) National Assembly would need to appoint the term and agenda of a special session tomorrow, at the request of Entity President Milorad Dodik, to reject the Srebrenica Commission Report, which was made in 2004.

RS Vice-President Ramiz Salkić believes Dodik’s request confirms “his fear of the ultimate victory of truth and justice, recognized by the entire civilized world in the case of Srebrenica.”

Salkić warned that the behaviors of the entity presidents are dangerous and worrying given the powers and mechanisms they possess, as well as the people who, as he said, in the system and beyond, who are willing to listen blindly, not thinking of the consequences.

Dodik had previously claimed that while in the work of the Srebrenica Commission, members reported misuse of the report, his arbitrary interpretation, a limited mandate of work only to Bosniak victims, and the fact that the commission was not an investigative body.” (translated from Vijesti)

“In the basement of a bombed-out Al Qaeda arms storage building in eastern Aleppo last year, I found a weapons log book from a mortar factory in Bosnia — with the handwritten name of one of their senior officials, Ifet Krnjic, on each page. It was dispatched from the Balkans with a cargo of 500 120mm mortars in January 2016. But now, in the forested heart of central Bosnia, I have found Mr Krnjic, who says his company sent the arms to Saudi Arabia.

Sitting on the lawn of his home south of the weapons-manufacturing town of Novi Travnik, he brings his finger down onto the first page of the log book which I showed him. ‘This is my signature! Yes, that’s me!’ Krnjic exclaims loudly. ‘It’s a warranty for the 120mm mortar launcher — this is Nato standard. It [the shipment] went to Saudi Arabia. It was part of a supply of 500 mortars. I remember the Saudi shipment well. They [the Saudis] came to our factory to inspect the weapons at the beginning of 2016.'” (Dawn)