“Edmond Offermann’s dream turned to reality after 20 years on Friday when the landmark Sarajevo cable car, destroyed early in Bosnia’s 1990s war, resumed services up Mount Trebevic above the capital.

The brand new gondola brought joy to young and old alike and not least to Offermann, a wealthy Dutch-born American businessman and philanthropist who was a driving force behind the restoration project.

‘This is a special feeling,’ Offermann told Reuters aboard the cable car, peering down at the rugged, sometimes snow-capped scenery around and trying to recognize places he remembered from his last ride up in 1991, just before the war broke out.” (US News and World Report)

“USAID’s Independent Media Empowerment Program (IMEP) has today awarded non-refundable funds to 23 media projects, totaling US $ 620,000 (BAM 989,082).

The grants ceremony was held at the premises of the Center for Promotion of Civil Society in Sarajevo, and the contracts were signed by: TV1, the BiH Start Magazine, the Impulsportal.net, Avangarda.ba, Radiosarajevo.ba, Buka.com/BukaTV, Analiziraj.ba and Žurnal .info.

The Buka.com Portal has been given a $ 81,000 or 129,218 KM check. Portal Radiosarajevo.ba got 39.220 USD or 62.567 in KM, while Avangarda.ba portal got $ 46.780 or 74.627 KM.” (translated from Klix)

“Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik announced that religious education will be introduced from the new school year in secondary schools in Republika Srpska.

“We will work on it in the next month or two. I can say that we will have a religious education from the new school year in secondary schools, and that in this respect we only need to solve some operational issues,’ Dodik said today after a meeting with His Grace the bishop of Banja Luka, Efrem.” (translated from Klix)