“In spite of objections from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia officially begins the construction of the Peljesac Bridge. The idea of the construction of this bridge has existed since the 90’s and the first preparatory works began some 15 years ago. Bosnia objects its construction because it never agreed on the border at sea with Croatia.

Maritime expert Nesad Alikadic told N1 that he has some information saying that Bosnia is working on initiating a legal dispute against Croatia. According to him, one of the legal processes will be held at the Court of Justice in the Hague, and the other at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg.

‘Bosnia’s Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegovic has promised and accepted his duty to launch a lawsuit. As far as I know, preparations are underway and I expect Mr Izetbegovic to submit the lawsuit. He doesn’t need an approval or a consensus from other two Presidency members because Bosnian Parliament’s Declaration on the Peljesac Bridge exists since last year,’ Alikadic said.” (N1)

“Army of Republic Bosnia and Herzegovina veterans ended their violent protest in Sarajevo, on Thursday evening the after House of Peoples of the Federation BiH Parliament adopted the draft law on veterans rights, but the “echo” of events during the road blockade still have a strong impact on the public.

As it was reported, a group of veterans attacked the drivers who tried to drive through the crowd and three vehicles are damaged. However, dozens of violent protesters attacked also the photo reporter of the Klix.ba internet portal. When his colleagues from the Al Jazeera Balkans TV crew tried to protect him they were also faced with the veterans sudden ire. A few other veterans intervened, things cooled off and journalists got away without severe injuries. The drama was not over until police mediated in order to protect press representatives but also drove the injured photographer to the hospital.” (Balkan EU)

“In honor of the centenary of good relations between America and the Serbian people, built on the foundations of the First World War, a gala banquet was held in Washington, attended by Republika Srpska officials, Prime Minister of Zeljko Cvijanovic and Bosnia and Herzegovina Minster of Foreign Affairs Igor Crnadak.

Woodrow Wilson’s proclamation of the two-day celebration is coming to an end after the morning of the liturgy and socializing of the Serbs in Washington.

The actions of Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, and the United States marked the beginning of the centenary of the proclamation of US President Woodrow Wilson, who on July 28, 1918 called on Americans to pray and honor the Serbs who suffered in the Great War. Such mutual respect and appreciation should be returned, Prime Minister of Republika Srpska said.” (translated from RTRS)