Pope Francis has received in audience leaders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Balkan nation in which Islam, Orthodox Christianity, and Catholicism are all present, with the three faiths generally corresponding to three major ethnic groups: Bosniaks, Serbs, and Croats, respectively.

Pope Francis on Saturday received in audience the members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina with whom he spoke of the good diplomatic relationship that exists between the Holy See and the Balkan State, pledging  to push ahead with constructive dialogue and collaboration.

The current Presidency is headed by the Bosnian Croat Dragan Čović, leader of the Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Present at the audience were also the Bosnian Serb, Mladen Ivanić, and the Bosniak Bakir Izetbegović.

The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of three members: one Bosniak and one Croat elected from the Federation and one Serb elected from the Republika Srpska. Together, they serve one four-year term.” (Vatican News)

“Bosnia will not be able to form governments after the October general election unless the national parliament resolves an ethnically-charged dispute over proposed changes to the election law, a senior election official said on Friday.

The Balkan country plans presidential and parliamentary elections in October but nationalist-minded political parties are deadlocked over amendments to the law pertaining to voting for one of Bosnia’s two regional assemblies.” (US News and World Report)

 “Today, 700 student students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina started their student trip to Moscow.In front of the University Campus in Sarajevo, a convoy of 11 buses were waiting, which will visit Warsaw, Krakow and Vilnius in the coming days and get to know the sights of the magnificent Moscow.

From the point of view of the organization, this extremely complex project has been carried out in cooperation with the Student Visit Project and Centrotrans Eurolines, which have already been confirmed by successful organizations of massive student visits to Rome, Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Zagreb, Paris, Istanbul, Amsterdam etc.” (translated from Klix)