“The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has announced the Public Procurement Plan for 2018, as it was found out. The value of public procurement, according to the needs of the BiH Presidency, is estimated at 1,786,270.00 BAM ($1,116,191.86) , for various goods 515,300.00 BAM ($321,997.05), and for services 1,270,970.00 BAM ($794,108.77). This year’s value of planned procurement is somewhat lower than in 2017, when it was planned amount of 2,352,580.00 BAM ($1,469,904.41). However, the announced plan does not predict capital investment expenditures and will not be realized until it is approved by the Law on the Budget of the Institutions of BiH and international obligations of BiH for 2018. Thus, for the services of selling air tickets and organizing official travels, 227,000 BAM ($141,830.80) will be allocated, for fixed and mobile telephony services there will be 55,000 ($34,358.43) or 90,000 BAM ($56,222.89).” (Sarajevo Times)

“RS President Milorad Dodik and Deputy Mayor of Tianjin (China) Xhao Haishan opened today the Confucius Institute at the University of Banja Luka in order to improve the cooperation of the smaller entity of BiH and China. Dodik pointed out that this is an important day for RS and the University of Banja Luka. ‘The opening of the Confucius Institute is proof of the friendship and successful cooperation between the RS and China,’ Dodik said. Ambassador of China to BiH Chen Bo expressed her satisfaction with the opening of the Confucius Institute in Banja Luka and thanked for the successful cooperation with the RS leadership.” (translated from Klix)

“The Alliance for Change will take part in the forthcoming general elections with joint candidates for the President of the Republika Srpska and for the Serbian Member of the Presidency of BiH, said the Deputy Prime Minister of the Party of Democratic Progress (PDP) Igor Crnadak today. He told reporters in Banja Luka that one candidate will be from the PDP and the other from the SDS. ‘There is a high level of understanding and mutual respect in the Alliance for Change, and it is clear that we will be in the election on the platform that showed the result in the elections in 2014 – with two common candidates. Names will be known after the party bodies make their decisions,’ said is Crnadak.” (translated from Nezavisne)