“From California to Texas, Catalonia to Crimea, Russia has an extensive track record over the past few years of helping stoke separatist groups across Europe and the United States.

Now, though, a new force may have entered the game of helping secessionists along: former campaign officials for President Donald Trump.

Late last week, a series of reports from local outlets across Bosnia and Herzegovina reported that a pair of former Trump campaign officials met with Zeljka Cvijanovic, the current prime minister of Republika Srpska (RS), a Bosnian Serb enclave whose local leadership has spent the past few years advocating for the breakup of the country.” (Think Progress)

“The five Bosniak and opposition parties from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity taking part in the negotiations on Bosnia’s Election Law reached an agreement on a Draft Law on Electoral Units and the Number of FBIH Parliamentary Mandates.

The parties are: the Democratic Action Party (SDA), the union for a Better Future (SBB), the Social Democratic Party (SDP), the Democratic Front (DF) and the Our Party (Nasa Stranka) offered their support to the Draft. One of the main negotiators in the Election Law change, the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH), however, did not take part in these negotiations.

“Representatives of these five parties agreed on the text of the Law which is completely in line with the FBiH Constitution and which fulfils the principles of the Ljubic ruling. It is also harmonized with the recommendations of the Venice Commission,” Head of SDP’s Caucus in the FBiH Parliament Elvir Karajbic told N1.” (N1)

“Bosnia-Herzegovina has recently seen a new stream of refugees seeking to reach western Europe. At least 80 people cross into Bosnia each day, joining the more than 3,500 others who have already made the journey this year. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Malcolm Brabant reports on their journey and how their presence is being used to stoke nationalist sentiment in the country.” (PBS Newshour)