“Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan took a swipe at European countries that refused to let him campaign on their territory on Sunday as he called at a rally in Bosnia for expatriate Turks to vote for him and his ruling AK Party in elections next month.

The presidential and parliamentary polls on June 24 will see Turkey switch to a powerful, executive presidential system that was narrowly approved in a referendum last year.

‘As European Turks you have always supported us by a wide margin. Now we need your support again in the elections on June 24,’ Erdogan told a rally in a Sarejevo sports hall, where supporters waved Turkish and Bosnian flags.” (Reuters)

” A convoy of buses carrying 270 migrants in Bosnia to a refugee center was held up for hours on Friday in a standoff that exposed frictions between regional and national authorities in the multi-ethnic Balkan state.

Armed police in a southern, Croat-dominated canton had turned back the convoy without explanation, surprising state migration officers escorting the migrants who had been moved from a Sarajevo park where they had camped for nearly two months.

The incident reflects tension over how to deal with more than 4,000 migrants who have entered the country this year from Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Algeria and Afghanistan after people smugglers created a route from Greece via Bosnia to EU member Croatia and western Europe.” (Reuters)

“A Bosnian court said on Thursday it had rejected a request from Tunisia to hand over a Bosnian national wanted on terrorism charges over his alleged role in the 2016 killing of a Tunisian whom Palestinian group Hamas said was one of its members.

The state court concluded that Elvir Sarac, who was arrested this week on Interpol’s red warrant, could not be extradited to Tunisia because the two countries have no bilateral treaty allowing extradition of their nationals for prosecution.

Neither Bosnia or Tunisia are signatories to international conventions which could provide for extradition under special circumstances, the court said in a statement to Reuters. It did not provide more detail on further proceedings.” (Reuters)