“Campaigning for the October 7 elections in Bosnia officially started on Friday, although the political parties and candidates have been unofficially campaigning throughout the summer.

Fifteen candidates vie for seats on the tripartite Bosnian presidency – six run for the Bosniak seat, five for the Croat seat and four for the Serb seat. Voters in the Federation entity will elect the Bosniak and Croat members. The Bosniak candidates are Mirsad Hadžikadić (Platform for Progress), Fahrudin Radončić (Alliance for Better Future), Senad Šepić (Independent Bloc), Šefik Džaferović (Party of Democratic Action), Denis Bećirović (Social Democratic Party) and Amer Jerlagić (Party for BiH). The Croat candidates are Jerko Ivanković-Lijanović (People’s Party Working for Progress), Dragan Čović (Croat Democratic Union BiH), Boriša Falatar (Naša Stranka), Diana Zelenika (Croat Democratic Union 1990) and Željko Komšić (Democratic Front).” (Inside Sarajevo)

“US President Donald Trump’s possible second term would provide an opportunity to integrate the Republika Srpska (RS) into neighbouring Serbia or get more autonomy, RS President Milorad Dodik told the Serbian state TV (RTS) on Friday.

Dodik is the leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), the party in power in the semi-autonomous RS which was established with the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement. He has been advocating for the RS to secede from Bosnia-Herzergovina for years.” (N1)

“In recent days, much has been written about the legacy of Senator John McCain.

Emphasis has been placed on his health care vote, his work combatting terrorism across Central Command and his commitment to reconciliation with Vietnam.

With less than 40 days until historic elections in Bosnia, his sustained work in the “powder keg of Europe” remains a lesson for Washington.

In April 2017, McCain traveled to seven countries across the Balkans. Afterward, he reflected, “In no other region of the world do the words of American leaders carry greater weight or have a greater chance of spurring meaningful action toward progress.” (Daily Caller)

“Since Serbia’s Government abolished visa requirements for Iranians more than a year ago, the number of Iranian migrants in Bosnia increased drastically because they can travel to Serbia as tourists.

The number of Iranian migrants that have entered Bosnia in 2018 is more than 100 times higher than the year before.

According to data from Bosnia’s Foreigner’s Affairs Service, 16 Iranians have requested asylum in the country last year. But only until September this year, this number stands at 1,647 already.

After 27 years, the first Iran Air aeroplane has landed in Belgrade in March this year. Two more followed suit the same month – Qeshm Air and Mahan Air. More than 20,000 passengers have arrived in Serbia from Iransince then.” (N1)

“The US Congress approved the maintenance of the Regional Prayer Breakfast 2020 in Mostar, and noted that the US congressman Robert Aderholt informed the city leadership about this event in a letter.

In his letter to businessman Dalibor Milos from Mostar, who will be the organizer of the Regional Prayer Breakfast, Congressman Aderholt noted satisfaction with the fact that local representatives supported that initiative that is aimed at reconciliation, coexistence and prosperity.

‘We are hoping that the gathering for prayer breakfast in 2020 will inspire citizens, the country, the Western Balkans and the entire world,’ as stated in the letter of Congressman Aderholt.” (Sarajevo Times)