“The president of the Republika Srpska (RS), Milorad Dodik, announced that he might also run for a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in the upcoming elections in October 2018. In an interview for the Face TV from the last night, he stressed that he is preparing for the elections and that the specific decision about it will be made very soon. ‘We are preparing for the elections. The Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) has a support up to 40 percent according to the new polls. It is natural that the president of that party is running for an important position. Most surely, SNSD will send its candidates for the Presidency of BiH and the RS President,’  Dodik said. He added that his candidacy for a member of the BiH Presidency is not official, and that his party will decide on it. He also said he was not against the state that he would run as a member of the collective Presidency.” (Sarajevo Times)

“The current flag of BiH has officially been in use since February 4, 1998, when the then High Representative Carlos Westendorp imposed the current flag because deputies of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH could not agree on a new flag, and the coat of arms was adopted in mid-May 1998. “’ remember as if it happened today, all variants of the flag were yellow-blue. Some of them were horizontal, some of them had a larger blue line, or smaller yellow line. In the end, we got this proposal that we have as an official coat of arms and flag of BiH. Not the republic, but BiH as it is called since the Dayton. This is a stylised yellow triangle, which should represent a graphically cleaned territory of BiH. We have this blue bottom and these two parts are divided by these white stars,’  said Professor Zdravko Grebo. He found out that the author of this design is some Dutch designer, which was a bit unpleasant for him, because, as he said, in all countries that are taking care of tradition, national pride, statehood, this kind of symbols must be a product of domestic people, and it was done by a foreigner in this case.” (Sarajevo Times)