“The President Republika Srpska (RS) Milorad Dodik said that RS made a decision on military neutrality and therefore there will be no base of NATO in BiH, nor in Brcko, as some have mentioned. ‘Any opportunity, hypothetically speaking, to get a NATO base would imply that it would mean, that it would be widely accepted for a Russian base, if they are interested. But I think, in this respect, there is no decision and that it is impossible to happen,’ said Dodik to Sputnik. He said that a NATO base in Brcko is impossible because RS would have to give approval, which it would not do because it is not in charge of because they do not manage outsiders, unlike in other parts of BiH where it has a dominant role.” (translated from Klix)

“The EU Delegation and EU Special Representative in BiH, Lars Gunnar Wigemark, welcome the adoption of the Strategic Plan of Rural Development of Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Council of Ministers, as well as by Entities’ and Brcko District’s governments. On his Twitter profile Wigemark described this decision as a very important step. ‘The adoption of the common Rural Development Strategy by the Council of Ministers  –  as well as by both RS and FBiH governments – is good news for the farmers in BiH, who will finally be able to benefit more from EU support to agriculture,’  Wigemark commented.” (BalkanEU)

Qatar Charity’s (QC) contributions to the ‘Orphan Below Zero’ campaign have reached Kosovo and Bosnia, it was announced in a statement. As part of ‘Rofaqa’, a QC initiative that sponsors orphans and through ‘Orphan Below Zero’, QC said it is determined to protect the poor children from freezing temperatures by providing them with food and winter bags.  For the second consecutive year, the campaign has reached more than 800 orphans in Kosovo and Bosnia, according to QC.  In Kosovo, 400 orphans sponsored by QC received food baskets, winter clothes, and blankets. ‘Qatar Charity is launching this campaign to stand for poor orphans in Turkey, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia, Albania, and Kosovo. The campaign aims to raise QR3mn to provide essential living items and protect children and their families from the freezing cold,’ said Khaled al-Yafei, director of Project Management at QC.” (Gulf Times)