“SNSD and HDZ delegations will meet on Monday in Eastern Sarajevo. In the announcement, SNSD stated that party delegations will be led by SNSD leaders Milorad Dodik and HDZ Dragan Covic.

The meeting will take place at 12.00 a.m. in the Administrative Center of the Republika Srpska Government in Eastern Sarajevo, and the press conference is scheduled for 13.30.

On Friday, in his address to reporters in Banja Luka, Dodik said that at this meeting they will discuss how the two parties’ cooperation will take place in the future when it comes to implementation of election results.” (Sarajevo Times)

“Marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, the Bosnian national archive has opened a photography exhibition displaying dozens of rarely seen pictures of famous battles.

The exhibition in Sarajevo also includes photographs of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the Bosnian capital in 1914 — the event which triggered the Great War.

More than 40 of the pictures have never previously gone on display — including photographs taken at the Battle of Marna, the Battle of Verdun and the Thesalloniki front, by Bosnian photographers working for the national archive.

The director of the Archives of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Adamir Jerkovic, said the aim of the exhibition was to raise awareness about the atrocities of war — especially from the point of view of Sarajevans, who recently survived another bloody conflict.” (Euro News)

“To the sound of emergency sirens, Admir Delic threw flowers in the Neretva river and took a dive off of the reconstructed Old Bridge in Mostar at 10:16 on Friday morning, the date and time when 25 years ago the centuries-old Ottoman bridge was shot down.

Delic’s dive was, as opposed to custom, not followed by applause.

On this day, in 1993, the Croat Defense Council (HVO) shelled the Old Bridge until the structure collapsed into the river after it connected the two sides of Mostar since the middle ages. The bridge was a symbol of Mostar and Bosnia as a whole.

Divers of all age groups and schoolchildren gathered at the bridge to mark the anniversary, throwing flowers into the Neretva river below with the message that the evil that has gripped Mostar during the 1992-1995 war must never happen again.” (N1)