“Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik and BiH Presidency Member Dragan Čović met on Sunday at an informal meeting in Banja Luka. According to Covic’s words, they agreed on the accelerated formation of a program coalition there.

‘We agreed in Banja Luka as soon as possible to form a program coalition dedicated to implementing reforms on the road to the EU, to have a clear and concordant approach in resolving the problem of amending the Election Law, which once again demonstrated all its weaknesses in the past elections,’ he said. Čović. (translated from Klix)

“Speaking on Tuesday in a meeting with the new Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani said, ‘Development of relations and ties with Bosnia and Herzegovina in different fields is very important for Iran’.” (Iran President’s Office)

Bosnia and Herzegovina will not support the membership of Kosovo in Interpol, the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

The Ministry explained this decision based on the fact that BiH has not recognised Kosovo as independent state yet and, accordingly, cannot support its membership in any of the international organisations.

In its press release the Ministry emphasised that it did not recognise the ‘the self-proclaimed independence of so-called Kosovo and, and in accordance with that, does not support the applications for its membership in the international and regional organisations, therefore it will not support a possible candidacy for the membership of so-called Kosovo in Interpol.'” (IBNA)

“Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Council of Ministers (CoM) Chairman Denis Zvizdic is shifting the arguments and acting in a non-diplomatic way, said CoM Deputy Chairman Vjekoslav Bevanda as a response to the letter Zvizdic sent to the Croatian Prime Minister earlier on Friday.

‘Zvizdic is using the already tried recipe of shifting the arguments and is, in a recognisable way, insinuating and in an obscure and non-diplomatic way denying your statements at the European Union’s institutions, where you acted in a manner of a proved democrat and acknowledged politician with an intention to contribute to the recognising and removing of the observed non-democratic barriers that followed in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the October election,’ Bevanda said in his note. (N1)