“Hotels, hospitals and other facilities where rape and torture were used as weapons of war while Yugoslava splintered a generation ago are still functioning as if nothing happened.

A hospital in Brčko — which remains operational today — was among the places that witnessed horrific scenes during the ethnic conflict, which raged from 1992 until 1995.

‘I was raped every night,’ one victim who was a patient there in 1992 told NBC News, her hands trembling as she lit a cigarette. ‘It lasted more than a month.’

Now aged 52, the woman didn’t tell anyone about her ordeal until 2011. She recounted being raped by six or seven soldiers in succession, sometimes in her hospital bed.” (NBC News)

“Soccer’s World Cup kicks off in Russia in less than two weeks, and one of the warmup acts is the Art-Football festival from May 25 to June 3.

That latter Moscow event — staged to raise funds for seriously ill children — is in its eighth year. Artists and performers slated to appear include award-winning director Emir Kusturica, in his roles as both a humanitarian and an unapologetic supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He featured on a Serbian soccer team that defeated its German counterpart on May 27, having already taken the stage with his band, No Smoking, and attended a special event in his honor at the Moscow Conservatory titled Vivat Kusturica.

The Serbian director has twice been awarded the main prize at Cannes, the Palm d’Or (in 1985 for the film When Father Was Away on Business, and in 1995 for Underground).” (RFE/RL)

“Leaders of Bosnian political parties will meet on Monday with the Venice Commission’s delegation at the premises of the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, to discuss the changes to the Election Law.

N1 learns that the meeting will be attended by leaders of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH), the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), the Alliance for Better Future (SBB BiH), and the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

The Venice Commission experts arrived in Bosnia the last month, where they held a series of meetings in an attempt to assist Bosnia’s politicians and authorities in finding an agreement on the burning issue of the changes Bosnia has to make to the Election Law, in order to align it with the country’s Constitution.

During the three-day visit, the foreign experts heard the opposing stances of Bosnian politicians on the issue and announced they would return to Bosnia in June to discuss the matter with the parties’ leaders.” (N1)