“Outgoing United Nations human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein condemned a decision by the Bosnian Serb parliament to revoke a 2004 report on the Srebrenica massacre and called on lawmakers to reconsider the move which he said will damage reconciliation.

‘The High Commissioner warns that the revocation will only serve to feed into the divisive, nationalistic rhetoric ahead of the general elections in October, and will disrupt any attempts to work towards reconciliation,’ U.N. human rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said on Friday.” (Euro News)

“The most recent moves by Republika Srpska (RS) entity President, Milorad Dodik, in connection with the annulment of the 2004 Commission for Srebrenica’s Report will lead to a disaster, said the American analysts and professor at the Washington-based Johns Hopkins University, Daniel Serwer.

He said the RS Parliament’s decision to reject the Report on Srebrenica will cause new sanctions against individuals, but also a potential “disaster” for the Serb-dominated, semi-autonomous RS entity.” (N1)

“The Republika Srpska (RS) entity wants an independent commission that will examine and report on the events in and around Srebrenica in the period July 10-19 1995, and on the suffering of Serbs in Sarajevo from 1991 to 1995, said the RS President, and added that several experts already said they would talk about their engagement in the commission.

‘We are speaking to a former judge from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia to see if he would be part of that commission. We want this to be a commission whose report the RS would be able to adopt, but others would need to do the same,’ Dodik explained.” (N1)

“The Republika Srpska Government rejects as unconstitutional and illegal attempts by the BiH Ministry of Security and other BiH institutions to deploy members of other police agencies in BiH on the territory of Republika Srpska.

In a statement from the Public Relations Bureau of the Government of the Republic of Srpska after today’s extraordinary session, it is pointed out that, in accordance with the Constitution and laws of the Republika Srpska, the RS Ministry of the Interior is the only responsible for law enforcement and maintenance of security on the territory of Republika Srpska, from the Ministry of Security of BiH and other BiH institutions to suspend all unconstitutional and illegal activities endangering the constitutional position, territorial integrity, and the competencies of the RS institutions.” (translated from Klix)

“From July 26-29, the Cross-Cultural International Conference of Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC) brought theologians from around the world to Sarajevo. Pope Francis sent a message to the group saying theologians need to build bridges among themselves, to share ideas and programs, and to develop forms of closeness.

Charles Camosy spoke to two people involved in the project, Kirsten Heyer and Anna Floerke Scheid. Heyer is a professor of theology at Boston College and Scheid is associate professor of theology at Marquette University.” (CruxNow.com)