“Alija Izetbegovic was a lot – a Bosniak, Muslim, Bosnian and European, and he left us with the hope that we would all be. We all remain what we are, but it is time for us to be more Bosnian, and that is the only part of Alia Izetbegovic’s testament has not yet been fulfilled, emphasized BiH Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegović.

He said during the program ‘Bedem Light’ in the program of the ‘Days of Open Doors 2018’ event organized by the City of Sarajevo and the Museum ‘Alija Izetbegovic’ on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the birth of the first President of the Presidency of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina by Alija Izetbegovic.

Izetbegovic thanked all those who remembered to mark his father’s birthday, not only in Sarajevo but also in Krajina.

‘Usually we mark the day of relocation, let’s remember something new. For the Muslims, it is also a festive day, because when my father rounded up his life, I felt sad, but also solemnly, because the end of the battle was full of suffering,’ he said Izetbegovic.” (translated from N1)