“The Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina failed to reach a decision to the issue of accommodation of migrants in the western Bosnian region, Una-Sana Canton, foreign trade minister Mirko Sarovic confirmed on Tuesday following the ministers’ session.

Sarovic said he objected the idea of the Council of Ministers taking over ‘the burden of migrants,’ adding that this was a matter for lower levels of authorities.

‘The essence is the protection of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s borders, especially in the east, and we should do everything to make that migrant route unattractive to everyone, no matter what that means,’ he underlined.

The Una-Sana Canton, Bosnia’s westernmost region bordering Croatia, has been struggling with the increasing number of illegal migrants who were finding a temporary shelter there on their way to the final destinations in the western Europe. According to the Bosnia’s Service for Foreigners’ Affairs, since the start of the year, 8,930 illegal migrants have arrived in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A vast majority of them have expressed their intention to formally request asylum but a few have done so.” (N1)