“Austria’s chancellor said Tuesday he is powerless to stop an upcoming commemoration of a 1945 massacre that has become a magnet for supporters of the Nazis’ Croatian allies and far-right sympathizers.

“The event taking place is an event organized by the [Croatian] Church,” Sebastian Kurz said ahead of the annual May 12 gathering in Bleiburg in the southern Austrian state of Carinthia.

“That means it is neither the decision of the federal government nor of the state premier [of Carinthia] and his administration whether this event takes place,” Kurz told reporters.

He added however: “If there are breaches of [Austrian] law then of course the authorities will act in a very decisive manner.”

The memorial remembers the killing of sympathizers of Croatia’s Ustasha regime and others at the hands of communist partisans at the end of World War II in and around Bleiburg.” (Times of Israel)