Publisher- Ari MittlemanAri Mittleman is the Founder and Publisher of Balkan Insider.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Ari currently works in Washington, DC. He has lived and worked in Osijek, Croatia and Budva, Montenegro. He held senior advisory roles for eight years with a United States Senator.

Ari Mittleman is self-taught and conversant in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. He has a deep understanding of the Balkan reconstruction and reconciliation process having lived and worked in the region.

He launched Balkan Insider in 2017 as a hobby because of his commitment to deepening commercial and cultural ties between the United States and the region.

Ari has served founding Board Chairman of the award winning St. Bernard Project in Chalmette, Louisiana, an officer with the Alzheimer’s Association and volunteer leader with

In addition to his native English, Ari Mittleman is proficient in both modern and biblical Hebrew. He formally studied the language for over a decade.

Ari Mittleman has directed a wide range of government affairs and public relations services for Keystone Strategy + Advocacy since founding this international firm.

Paragliding in Slovenia or cliff diving in Montenegro are top on his list of favorites in the region.

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