“Anti-establishment Slovenian presidential candidate Marjan Sarec, who narrowly lost to President Borut Pahor in an election runoff on Sunday, is likely to run for parliament in general elections due next June, political analysts said.

‘I expect Sarec to announce his candidacy very soon. He might win, supported by a large number of voters who are dissatisfied with the political establishment,’ Tanja Staric, an analyst at Radio Slovenia, told Reuters on Monday.

Sarec finished with 47 percent to Pahor’s 53 percent in the runoff, the tightest presidential race result since Slovenia’s independence in 1991 from then-federal Yugoslavia.”

Sarec, 39, whose center-left Lista Marjana Sarca has so far been active only at local level, indicated he will run for parliament. ‘My result (at the presidential election) is very good, I am very happy with it…This is not my last word in politics,’ he said on his Twitter account late on Sunday.” (Reuters)

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