“A grant from the American-Slovenian Educational Foundation (ASEF), which promotes the association of Slovene professors to work in the US with students from Slovenia and students from abroad with Slovenian roots with universities and research institutions in Slovenia, was received this year by 28 young people. The project was supported by the Government Office for Slovenians Abroad and the Worldwide with € 85,000 ($99,000).

‘This is one of the activities of our office, with which we want to strengthen our cooperation with our compatriots, who live and work in the world, to promote the circulation of Slovene knowledge. The Foundation’s program allows young people from abroad to visit Slovenian experts, scientists, professors who become their mentors for ten weeks, gain new knowledge and experience and return home richer,’ explained Aleksandra Pivec, State Secretary for Slovenes Abroad, and why the Minister of Finance, Gorazd Žmavc, signed an agreement on long-term cooperation in a private and non-profit foundation that was founded in 2014 by Jure Leskovec, a professor at Stanford University.

‘The Foundation enables motivated, motivated and excellent young people to reach their potential,’ said Nina Troha, director of the ASEF in Slovenia, and explained that the first year in the program was the three students from Slovenia, this year, these scholarship holders are visiting Slovenian professors at the best American universities 20.” (translaed from Delo)