“US Ambassador (to Serbia) Kyle Scott said he did not know the details and would not say whether future soldiers in Serbia should learn under officers of the Yugoslav Army who were convicted of war crimes, but said that is something that is unthinkable in the United States.

According to N1, he said that in military academies in the United States, students learn about the importance of  rules of war with respect to the Geneva Convention.

‘This means that the best soldiers have a duty to refuse an order which is against the rules of war. It is inconceivable that in our military academies for Lt. Kelly, who led his troops in Milaja (Syria) and committed massacres against civilians or the commander of Abu Ghraib prison – to anyone chosen to teach American soldiers how to be led by platoon or a manage a prison,’ said Scott.” (translated from Beta)

This comes at the heels of Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin praising convicted war criminal Vladimir Lazarevic.

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