The US Embassy in Kosovo has released a statement on November 14, 2017, urging the Kosovo government to ratify the border demarcation and “promote the interests of Kosovo’s citizens in this matter.”

“The U.S. Embassy was disappointed by the new border commission’s report to the Assembly Committee on European Integration yesterday. Its assertions are unsubstantiated, misleading, and wrong.The existing agreement reflects an accurate process of determining the border, confirmed by Kosovo’s state commission and numerous internationally recognized experts…No facts have emerged since to call that decision into question.  Questioning the agreement and dragging out the process of ratification threatens Kosovo’s relationships with its neighbors and the EU, and leaves Kosovo and its citizens isolated.”

A member of the Commission on Demarcation, Florim Isufli, has reacted insisting that there was no new report.

“I’ve no comment on the American Embassy statement, a friend country.”

“(I) can not find anyone in the globe who can prove that we have submitted any report before that committee.”

“We have a duty and obligation to make an analysis of the documentation about the borderline. All this confusion is made of certain structures through media. No, no, there was no report, yesterday we did not have any new finding, “he said. (translated from Lajmi)