“US Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie commented that much work remains to be done in Kosovo to combat the trafficking phenomenon at the premier of the documentary, ‘Trafficking, The Fight Against Modern Slavery.

‘Obviously it remains to be done in Kosovo, because human traffickers receive very light sentences,’ he said at the Cultural Center of Kosova Klan.

‘There are no shelters for victims of human trafficking in northern municipalities which would help them rebuild their lives. The fight against trafficking can not achieve much if there is corruption within the legal system,’ said Delawie.

Delawie said he felt proud of what he saw in the documentary made by Klan Kosova and the American Embassy and that he had the opportunity to be present at the premier.

‘Trafficking is a difficult problem to treat, not just in Kosovo but in the whole world. The documentary showed how the US government fights against these crimes and their early detection,’ said Delawie.” (translated from Lajmi.net)