US Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie gave an extensive interview to KTV on Tuesday. He spoke about the US Embassy sponsored Anti-Corruption Campaign, division of Kosovo on ethnic lines, the border demarcation with Montenegro, and important local issues.

Delawie said, “There is a great week of programs, most of them are run by non-governmental organizations and they are addressing a variety of corruption issues. I think this is so important because I think corruption is Kosovo’s greatest challenge.”

The ambassador further noted that dividing Kosovo along ethnic lines would only create more problems for Kosovo and the region.

“I don’t think people understand the types of difficulties that would emerge from dividing populations along ethnic lines. There is a famous American author named H.L. Mencken, who said something like, ‘for every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, and clear, and wrong.’ And I think that applies in this case.’ asserted Delawie.

The United States government and the ambassador support the 2015 agreement signed in Brussels to the fullest extent.

“We, the U.S. government, me but also my government, supports the 2015 agreement as it was drafted and endorsed by the Montenegrin assembly.  That’s the right line.  That’s the one that Kosovo’s assembly should also ratify.  It’s the line that’s existed between the two countries since they were provinces or autonomous republics, and it’s the line that’s on Kosovo’s flag.  It’s the right one,” said Delawie.

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