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In a region where history often overshadows the present, we provide a succinct overview of what is buzzing in the halls of government and board room tables in each capital city. We also provide original exclusive interviews and thought provoking opinion and analysis.

Whether you are on the Washington Metro, tramvaj, or in a taxi en route to the UN, our goal is that you have a quick, clean and pleasant reading experience, regardless of the viewing device.

The Balkans produce more history than they can consume.
~ Winston Churchill

In a rapidly changing Europe, history is being produced in the Balkans.

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Ari Mittleman

Ari Mittleman

Ari Mittleman, originally from Pennsylvania, currently resides outside Washington, DC in Maryland. He has lived and worked in Osijek, Croatia and Budva, Montenegro.

He is committed to deepening commercial and cultural ties between the United States and the region. Paragliding in Slovenia or cliff diving in Montenegro are top on his list of favorites in the region. Ari is conversant in BCSM (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian-Montenegrin) and Hebrew.

Founding Editor

Ryan Scherba

Ryan Scherba

Ryan Scherba has over five years of experience working on the Balkans. Prior to living in the region, he taught English in Russia for three years. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kosovo where he taught English and assisted local NGOs between 2015 and 2017.

Ryan completed his MA in International Affairs with a Specialization in Peace building, Stabilization, and Humanitarian Affairs from the Institute of World Politics in and bachelors in International Affairs and German Language from Marquette University. He speaks BCSM (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian-Montenegrin), Albanian, German, and Russian.